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Zebra Restoration Provides Properly Documented Direct Billing of Claims to Your Insurance Company to Minimize Delays and Ensure Proper Reimbursement 

Our Direct Billing Services Ensure Timely Insurance Claims Processing and Accurate Reimbursement Documentation

Let us lend a caring hand in guiding you through your policy coverage entitlements and take care of submitting all invoices directly to your insurance company for payment. Allow us to ease your burden during these challenging times with compassion and support.

Navigate Your Insurance Claim Submittal Process with Zebra Restoration's Expert Guidance

Zebra Restoration offers assistance with the insurance claim process, providing direct billing to alleviate the associated challenges. Understanding your policy entitlements can be confusing, but our professionals guide you through, aiming to restore you to pre-loss condition swiftly and smoothly.


Time is crucial during and after an event, whether it's water damage, fire, or any other covered incident. Mitigating future damage rests on the policy owner's shoulders; filing a claim promptly and taking necessary steps is imperative to ensure maximum coverage.


Navigating insurance claims, whether commercial or residential, demands patience and expertise, often scarce during a crisis. Emotional stress further complicates the process. Zebra Restoration is equipped to guide you through, offering direct billing and streamlined reporting to expedite the settlement process with minimal hassle.

Seamless Insurance Billing for Water, Smoke, Fire, or Biohazard Damage Restoration

Zebra Restoration assists in clarifying your entitlements under your insurance policy for your Sacramento property's restoration needs. We handle the direct submission of all claims invoices to your insurance company, providing relief during challenging times.

Direct Billing to all insurance companies including Allstate
Direct Billing to all insurance companies including Progressive
Direct Billing to all insurance companies including USAA
Direct Billing to all insurance companies including State Farm
Direct Billing to all insurance companies including Geico
Direct Billing to all insurance companies including Farmers Insurance
Direct Billing to all insurance companies including Farm Bureau Insurance
Direct Billing to all insurance companies including Liberty Mutual Insurance
Commercial & Residential Services
Navigating Through Stressful Times with Zebra Restoration

Facing water damage at your business can be overwhelming, leaving you with various concerns. From coordinating with your commercial insurance to addressing potential mold risks and ensuring employee safety amidst structural damage, there's a lot to consider. Zebra Restoration's skilled team efficiently removes water and cleans your property, prioritizing a swift return to operations while maintaining safety.

Our Approach


The initial step in addressing water damage involves conducting a thorough assessment. This critical phase allows us to evaluate both visible and hidden damage, providing you with a clear timeline for restoring business operations. We offer personalized assessments tailored to your specific needs. Following the assessment, we proceed with water removal, material cleanup, drying, sanitization, and preparing the property for restoration.

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