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I’d like to think the moving department of restoration, Yvonne in particular, for taking good care of my home and furnishings when my new floor was installed. Yvonne was organized, professional, and very careful throughout the entire packing and pack back process. I felt comfortable trusting my belongings to her and her team.
— Shannon Gibbons, Roseville
Juan was terrific to work with. This company is outstanding. I would highly recommend them and gladly use them again as there was no way they could have improved their services and they did a great job.
— Dorothy Young
I have known Zebra Restoration Services because of a community connection for many years but have never had a need for their services. So when we experienced a fire in my restaurant, there was no hesitation in calling them. Within two short hours they had an estimator out here, helping me look over the damage and assessing the needs for recovery. Because the closure of our restaurant would mean a loss of income, I was pushing quite hard to get as much work as possible done as quickly as possible. After a brief meeting with our insurance agent, Zebra sent personnel THAT NIGHT to get the most pressing work done so we could re-open as quickly as possible. Because of that immediate response, and a realistic plan that I had by the end of the same business day, we were clean and able to open the very next day! That kind of turnaround Was beyond my wildest dreams - thank you, Zebra!

Honestly, I cannot thank you guys enough. I am still marveling that we cleaned up in less than 14 hours and opened the next day. Thank you, thank you.
— Karen from Karen's Bakery - Folsom, Ca.
Zebra turned a nightmare into an adventure. From the time that a staff member offered to try to help, the help just kept coming. The company is highly professional, competent and conscientious with attention to detail. Their problem-solving positive attitude is contagious and soon you feel you are on your way to getting your life back to normal. It takes a special group of individuals deciding to deal with clients that are all in crisis – I think they are all part psychologists! And those trucks bring the magic to the adventure (why do I keep feeling like I have been on safari?) Thanks for the unforgettable assistance (rescue?).
— Linda- Clarksburg, Ca.
I could not have asked for a better experience considering the situation. All of your contractors were professional, friendly and did a fantastic job. Clay always kept us informed, there were never any surprises waiting around the corner. He was extremely helpful in answering all of our questions and was always courteous. Again, thank you for everything. I would never have a problem recommending you or any of your contractors to other home owners.
— Michael Dallas
Thanks so much for your efforts on this project. Your crew is professional, neat and most of all they do good work. Hopefully I don’t have any more insurance work in my future, but if I do I’ll call you guys up.
— Jason Dumars
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— Claire C.
This company is on it. I had a water pipe burst in my bathroom causing it to flood everywhere. I called them and they got back to me in a reasonable time frame, and sent someone out to come look at it. This was the first time something like this has happened to me, so it was a stressful experience. They helped guide me through it and made it as painless as possible. Thank you Zebra, I will definitely recommend you in the future.
— Hailey Nelson - Acampo, Ca.
Zebra got right on my room that had water harm, after the first organization flaked and left my partitions and rooms all tore aside and unusable. i was impressed with how speedy they were given it finished! Now my house is complete again! thank you Zebra!
— Narek L. - Carmichael, Ca.
Fantastic experience, they took the pain out of dealing with water damage. We discovered a leak in our wall with water also under our hardwood floors resulting in mold. The team was very professional taking steps to protect my light colored carpet and to section off the work area to keep my kids safe while addressing the mold issues. They were very communicative on what to expect and how they work with our insurance company. Johnny, a supervisor was especially responsive, friendly and flexible with my schedule. Even the Regas Group staffer shared that he’s never had a mold clearance test fail after Zebra was involved. First class service all the way, would not hesitate to work with them again. Highly recommend. Thanks Zebra.
— Sheila F. - San Mateo, Ca.
Zebra Restoration is great, my property has used them for water mitigation needs. They have come out same day when I’ve called, completed the job timely and did it right. Never have had to call them back out for the same thing twice. Thanks “Z” and Ruben. Appreciate the service.
— Ashley M. - El Dorado Hills, Ca.
Want to thank all the folks at Zebra Restoration for their work in coordinating and providing services for me. I had a minor flood that was a huge annoying inconvenience and they jumped in and got it corrected quickly and very expertly. Special kudos to Melissa, Ross, Juan and Don for their excellent and professional work.
— Lanan C. - Fair Oaks, Ca.
Great job. Had flooding issues due to my own negligence. Zebra was recommended by my insurance company. No issues and all staff was great to work with.
— Shelley C. - Sacramento, Ca.
I cleaned my carpets with one of those at home deep cleaners, which left a wet carpet smell. I was afraid the padding had gotten wet and mildewed and possibly would need to be replaced. I had Keith, the restoration manager, come access the situation. I called that morning. He had to switch his schedule around and was able to come within an hour and arrived promptly. He checked the carpet, as well as the padding, and recommended to give it more time to dry (due to the cold weather-which slows the drying time). He answered all of our questions and concerns and helped eased our worries! Thank you for your help and honesty!!!!
— Kim T. - Sacramento, Ca.
The overall experience was good. You stayed in communication with me as well as the status of the workers. A couple hicccups with a vanity and the extra out of pocket $ we had to come up with, but you were upfront and workable on coming to a happy medium. My word to you is to continue the great communication you have, and being very upfront with your customers even if it’s uncomfortable. Like I said I was pleased with you and your crew and will be recommending for sure!
— Robert F. - Stockton, Ca.

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