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Fire & Smoke Damage Repair.


One of the most destructive and traumatic events anyone can endure in life is having their home catch fire. Whether it is a full burn of their entire house/business or simply a small kitchen stove fire where most of the damage is smoke related, it still takes a unique skill set, special knowledge and vast experience for a company to completely restore the property and remove the smoke odor. Zebra can remove smoke odors and soot from a wide variety of items such as, HVAC systems, building interiors, attics, carpeting, fabrics, garments, upholstery, draperies and the clients other personal property (contents). Our certified restoration teams procedures eliminate odors, instead of masking them, guaranteeing that no residual odors will be present at the jobs conclusion.

If your damage is severe, two on staff licensed contractors with over 40 years of construction experience assures that the reconstruction of your home or business will be done professionally and up to current building code standards.

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