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Contents Restoration.


Contents/Personal Property

Unique procedures and processes enable the complete restoration of many garments, rugs, tapestries, furs, leathers, upholstery, tables, credenzas, armoires, pictures, dishes, etc., damaged by water, smoke or fire. Many of these items have a personal value to our clients that could never be replaced. Personal belongings (other than those that can be cleaned onsite) are digitally inventoried, professionally packaged, removed in our 24’ Moving Truck to our 10,000 square foot restoration facility for In-Plant cleaning in our decontamination chamber. Cleaned and restored contents are then deodorized overnight to remove any remaining smoke odor in our ozone chamber. Restored contents are then re-packaged into new boxes, stored in our insured facility until their return to the customer at the conclusion of any construction work.



Digital Pack-Out Inventory

Many homeowners own hundreds if not thousands of items. Zebra’s digital inventory process saves time and therefore money for the insurance company covering the claim. It also enables Zebra to quickly locate certain items in its warehouse that a customer may need at a later date such as a checkbook left in a desk drawer after a whole house fire. Lastly, the digital inventory system allows Zebra to give the insurance company and the client a comprehensive digital record of removed items which assists the claims handler in setting a value to any non-restorable or total loss contents that the customer will be compensated for at a later date. This digital record is also superior to a written inventory list as it shows any pre-existing damage not related to the claim or the present condition of the contents being removed prior to restoration or compensation.