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Asbestos Abatement.


Asbestos is present in a wide variety of building materials. Any home or building owner may encounter an asbestos-containing material during the course of renovation, repair or demolition. ACMs can include insulation, plaster, floor or ceiling tiles, plaster, ductwork, roofing shingles, adhesives, and a host of others.

Many of us see the charm in owning an older home. Maybe it was chosen for its character, the unique architectural design of years past, or to be a good building block for more modern renovations. But if you live in an older home, potential renovations should come after other important considerations, like the toxins that may be lingering in the home’s walls.

Construction materials containing asbestos were used for centuries before researchers began to link the mineral’s fibers with serious health risks, like asbestosis and mesothelioma. Buying a home built before 1990 can almost certainly mean asbestos can be found in some part of the home, whether in the roof shingles, the insulation, an old furnace, or elsewhere.

Fortunately, we are certified asbestos professionals who can test for the presence of asbestos in the home and take action to remove the mineral and protect your family.

Before any renovation projects begin, it’s a good idea to examine the potential construction area and any other areas of concern in the home, like any crumbling or cracking walls. Such projects or general wear-and-tear could mean damage to any asbestos present in the home. If the dangerous fibers release into the air, your family as well as any workers involved in the renovation could potentially be exposed.

We will be able to perform a visual inspection of the home, as well as carefully take some samples of any suspected materials for testing. If we find asbestos is present, we will provide you with a written evaluation that details where the mineral can be found and its extent in the home.

Additionally, we can make recommendations for how to correct the situation or prevent damage to any so far undisturbed asbestos. If corrections in the form of abatement (complete removal of the materials containing asbestos) or encapsulation (fully covering and sealing off asbestos materials) are necessary, we can help you   ensure the area has been properly cleaned and is not a danger.